Why Is My Webdadi Saying The Network Is An Untrusted Source?

This message usually appears when your Webdadi has the IP security enabled.


Only specific IP addresses that have been previously added in the Webdadi settings will be allowed to access the Webdadi. If you are still being blocked you need to go to www.whatismyip.com and provide the information to your office super user or IT department.


They will then be able to inform Webdadi of the problem so it can be resolved quickly.

The message that you should be seeing is:Your network has been flagged as an un-trusted source and as a result, for security reasons, does not have access to this site.  If you feel that you are blocked in error, please contact the Account Management Department of Webdadi on 08707 66 30 30 or email helpdesk@webdadi.com.

Please Download these instructions