What size do the images need to be when uploading to Webdadi?


Image size guidelines when uploading

Images of up to 1mb can be uploaded to the individual properties via the Media tab. Files that are any larger than this will require a special upload.


If an image is too big to upload or to use on your blog, you can resize it via our Webdadi Image Manipulation tool. To change your file:

  • Go to webdadi.com/tools
  • Scroll down to Image Manipulation and click on it to open.
  • Open the existing image you wish to change by selecting open image from computer.
  • Once it has opened, go to File, and select Save. Now change the file type to PNG before you save it.
  • You an now re-upload the image to your property and the EPC should display correctly on your property page.

For a more detailed explanation on amending sizes with our free tool, see the Help Desk guide below.

Please Download these instructions