What does the D or H symbol stand for in the Properties list grid?


Sorting your properties by their Property Instruction type

When logged into Webdadi and viewing the full properties list under the Property menu, the letter under the i symbol for a property represents the Property Instruction type.

  • D: if it is a Direct Instruction such as Sole or Joint instruction, Webdadi shows a D as the symbol on the left hand side of the results list.
  • H: if the Instruction is a Half Comm, Webdadi shows an H letter symbol.
  • F: if the Instruction is for Fixed, an F will show.

How does this help?

You can sort your property list by clicking the column header above the symbol to arrange your properties by Instruction type.

  • If you want to see all your Half Comm instructions or Direct instructions, click the column header twice to sort by the i.

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