Webdadi or the Website is not working


Webdadi/Website not working Due To Internet Connection or password problems

If your website or Webdadi appears to be down and not working please first check that you can access the WWW and therefore the internet by visiting www.bbc.co.uk


If Webdadi appears not to be working we need to isolate what the problem might be.


Please first check that your internet connection is working by visiting www.bbc.co.uk


If it is not your password or username that is the problem. it may well be a pop-up blocker that is preventing the Webdadi Homepage from loading up.


Try holding down the CTRL key when clicking the Launch Webdadi link. If this works you have have a pop-up blocker. Please then consult our pop-up blocker FAQ for steps on how to remove it.


Please email the helpdesk team if our FAQ on pop-up blockers does not resolve your problem:



Please Download these instructions