Webdadi Menu Overlaps When Right Clicking


How to correct a menu that isn't showing up correctly when logged into Webdadi

In Webdadi a lot of functions are available by right clicking on a contact or property. However sometimes the menu will overlap and you will be unable to access the menu items you wish to use.


If menus overlap, Webdadi may not have been setup correctly when you first started using it. Or you may be using it on a new computer that has never been setup.

  • Log out of Webdadi and go back to the login screen. Instead of logging in, click on Set up my Webdadi.   
  • When the file download window appears select Run.
  • This will prompt the Registry Editor window which requires the Yes button to be selected.
  • Once this is done the Registry Window will return to confirm the setup worked and the OK option can be selected to close the window.
  • Now ensure that you close Internet Explorer down completely, including any other Internet Explorer tabs you had open.
  • Re-open Internet Explorer and log into Webdadi again.

When right clicking now the Menu’s will not overlap.

Please Download these instructions