Using Advanced Search to find contacts


How to find contacts in Webdadi via Advanced Search and to download those contacts into Excel

To download types of contacts (Landlords, Vendors etc) from your Webdadi account:

  • Select Contacts
  • Then in the top right click on Advanced Search
  • Choose the type of contact via Type
  • Select Export at the bottom left
  • Your computer will prompt you towards a contact_list that you can now open
  • This list will open in Excel and you can sort by email address and then copy and paste the email addresses

Once the list downloads you can then copy and paste the list of email addresses and send your client list information from your email. Or you can use the contact_list to upload into another CRM program.


Remember to save the Excel spreadsheet as a xls file once completed, as the file will download as a CSV file.

Please Download these instructions