Uploading an EPC Graph

How to upload an EPC graph

When uploading an EPC , follow these instructions below:

  • Click Property from the left hand menu
  • Search for the property you wish to amend.
  • Double click or right click and select Modify.
  • Click on the Media tab.
  • Click on Browse and find the EPC you would like to upload. Ensure the EPC is in .png format.
  • Click OK.

In order for an EPC to display on your website, it must be in a PNG format. If you do not have the tools to amend the type of file it is, Webdadi offers Image Manipulation tools. To change your file:

  • Go to webdadi.com/tools
  • Scroll down to Image Manipulation and click on it to open.
  • Open the existing image you wish to change by selecting open image from computer.
  • Once it has opened, go to File, and select Save. Now change the file type to PNG before you save it.
  • You an now re-upload the image to your property and the EPC should display correctly on your property page. 

Please Download these instructions

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