Unable to modify a contact

When trying to modify a contact you may see a window that says unable to modify contact. The reason for this is one of two possibilities.
1. You do not have the ability to edit contacts due to your user rights. If this is the case your super user will be able to amend your rights if they feel it is necessary. Contact the super user for your Webdadi account.

2. If the contact is assigned to an office that you are not assigned to, or affiliated with, then you will not be able to modify the contact. This may require your associated offices to be amended. This can be fixed by the following:

  • Go to Contacts on the left hand side
  • Search for the internal staff member you wish to change the access for. Double click on this contact to open it
  • Go to the Additional tab
  • Check which offices your contact is assigned to. Add ticks to those offices that they should have access to
  • Once selected click Ok to save the changes

If the above does not fix the problem then contact your super user to assist.

Please Download these instructions