Unable to access property on website from search results

Details In Webdadi Stopping Property Being Viewed On Website

When locating the property using search criteria on your website and selecting the property it should usually show the property information.

If it does not there is a problem with the information in Webdadi that is stopping the details from appearing.

It is likely that the search engine optimisation keywords have been entered incorrectly.

These cannot be entered as a full sentence. They must be entered as single words with commas seperating them and with no spaces included.

Should you be entering a word such as double bedroom this can be accomodated by using the underscore option to seperate the 2 words so it appears as double_bedroom.

Please check this section and if there is still a problem afterwards contact the Helpdesk by raising a support form http://www.webdadi.com/support?type=get

Please Download these instructions