To enable or disable the Pop-up blocker

A pop-up blocker can stop some features of Webdadi working, for example the right click menu

Internet Explorer:

1.) Click the Toolbar's wrench icon.
2.) On the Tools tab, select (or deselect) the 'Pop-up blocker' checkbox.
3.) Click Save.

If you allow pop-ups on a website, the Pop-up blocker saves your preference for future visits and adds the site to an 'Allowed sites' list. The next time you visit that website, the Pop-up blocker will continue to allow pop-up windows to appear. You can allow or disallow pop-ups by toggling the Pop-up blocker button on and off while on the site.

Google Toolbar

The Google toolbar has a pop-up blocker that can also cause problems.

To disable:
1.) Click on the spanner icon on the far right hand side of the Google tool bar
2.) Click tools
3.) Untick the pop-up blocker box and save

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