The Add button is greyed out on the Property Screen


An office must be created to have the add a property option available

Please note that in order to have access to Add a Property you must have the right access. If you only use Webdadi for CMS and Configuration you will not be able to Add properties.


If you have access, check the following. The Super User for your office will need to check your access:



  • In Webdadi select Contacts on the left hand side.
  • Search for the Internal Staff member that you wish to amend the login details for (provided your company has access to add properties)
  • Click on the Applicant tab
  • Scroll down to halfway down the page and click on the hyperlinked words Webdadi User Rights.
  • In here, check that the staff member has access to add properties.
  • Select Ok to save. Once you have added their additional access, they will need to close Internet Explorer down completely and reopen in order for the changes to have taken effect.

Please Download these instructions