Staff do not have the option to upload media


When a staff member can't upload any media the User Rights need to be amended

If an internal staff member is unable to access media and do uploads, the Webdadi User Rights will need to be amended:

  • Click on Contacts from the left menu in blue. 
  • Search for the staff member. NOTE: For a quicker search, search by Internal Staff, from the dropdown list (three across from the left dropdown options).
  • Once the staff member is located double click on them to open up the contact details
  • Select the Additional tab at the top of the contact box
  • About three quarters of the way down the page, click on Webdadi User Rights in blue on the right hand side.
  • Make the amendments to the staff member's access by clicking on the appropriate boxes (to add those rights)
  • Click Ok to save
  • For the change to make effect close all Internet Explorer windows and log back in to Webdadi.
  • NOTE: For a full list of Webdadi User Rights, please contact the helpdesk and they can provide a PDF guide.

Please Download these instructions