Sold properties not showing on website

Whether a property is displayed on Webdadi after it is sold, depends on how your site is set up.
If you've opted for Sold properties not to appear on your site then you will need to have this reversed with the Webdadi team by submitting a request to change this part of your Webdadi configuration.
Alternatively you could add a bespoke page to your site that links only sold properties. In this case you would need to add Websitepageitems on a Sold Page, that will display each property you wish to have listed on this page. The Webdadi team can email you a userguide on how to create galleries.


If a property is deactivated it will no longer appear on your property page.

If you've chosen to display Sold properties, they will continue to appear under sales properties. To stop the property from appearing in your property lists, you would need to deactivate the property.


If this is not the case, and you still can not ascertain why the sold property is not displaying, please contact the Webdadi team. You can do this via the contact page on the Webdadi site.


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