Script errors


When Webdadi errors appear on pages, or within text on a page

When the browser cannot understand the meaning of a command in a script (the code of the website), it generates a script error message and stops working.

These are usually caused by something being inputted into the system incorrectly. For example, inserting a letter into a field that only accepts numbers, or putting an apostrophe in a text field which is used to generate URLs.


Some of the reasons you may experience a script error include:

  • You have copied and pasted some text from Word rather than pasting into Notepad first. If you find you Webdadi is adding additional odd coding (example. %$£ letters), take the contents and paste it into Notepad on your PC. Then copy from notepad and paste into Webdadi. This will remove the formatting.
  • You have tried to create a URL (always the summary field within Configuration) that has spaces or characters that the system does not recognise. You need to remove any spaces and replace them with a hyphen or underline instead.

Please Download these instructions