Saving (how to save) an image from Webdadi to your computer


An image that has been added to your configuration pages or property pages can still be saved to your desktop later

  • Once media has been uploaded there may be a need to return to that image and save the image again. And there is a way to save the image on your desktop again, and even to show the image in full size.
    To open the media file and then save it in full size, refer to the instructions below. You will be adding a numerical 0 to the width and a 0 to the height to display the full sized image.
  • Open a select a specific Property or Website Page in Webdadi, where you wish to save the image from
  • Click on Media
  • Pick an image and right click to select View Media
  • Once the image and URL appears, click into the URL in your browser. Add a numerical 0 to the end of the width and a numerical 0 to the end of the height number. For example, with this example, once you add the '0' it will say 4000&width=5300 instead of 400&width=533.{6698ad09-6e7e-4c07-af1d-8f18b879f4fc}.jpg&height=4000&width=5330&constrain=true
  • Now you can right click and save the image to your desktop or the relevant folder.
  • This would be useful if you are looking at the image live on your website and want to see what the full size image is.
  • If the image appears via Firefox, you will need to place the numerical '0' in a different position on the URL. The URL will be and the adjustment will be to add a 0 right after the low/990 and the second 0 after the second 990. If the image can be larger, it will display the increased size as a result.

This will not affect the image you have uploaded already in any way.  And when you click cancel the image will continue to stay in the Media section as is.

Please Download these instructions