SEO keywords for properties (Search Engine Optimisation)


Adding SEO Keywords to your individual properties

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and allows your website to appear higher on Google rankings. It achieves this by placing specific keywords into the website address bar.


Webdadi already add some keywords such as the area, street name and the number of bedrooms; however you can include your own keywords into the search address to highlight the special features of a property, such as school if it is close to a school, or pool, area of interest that is in close proximity etc.

In order to add the keywords to the property, and into the property URL:

  • Click on Property from the left hand menu
  • Find the property in Webdadi by selecting Search
  • Double click on the property to open it
  • Click on the Description tab
  • Click on the Keywords box and enter your keywords

    NOTE: The format you write in the keywords is 'school,close to Wimbledon,big_garden'. Phrases should be separated by a comma, and words should be separated by an underscore.

    You should not add more than 4 keywords, as Google detects if you are trying to use more and 'abuse' the keyword system.


For more information on SEO for you website in general, please see the PDF guide below, SEO information for your website.


Please Download these instructions