How to reorder multiple testimonials


Reordering your testimonials without having to move them up one at a time

Rather than you reordering the testimonials by clicking Move Up one at a time, it can be a lot faster to wait when you’re adding a few testimonials and then remove them all from the Items tab and then add them all again together in bulk.
To do this, follow this process:

  • Create your new testimonial(s) as WebsitePageItems as you normally would.
  • Now save the testimonial by selecting Ok.
  • Click back on manage and select Website Page, and then Testimonials page.
  • Click on Items
  • Remove all the Testimonials in there (provided you know the order you want them to reappear in). To remove them highlight all testimonials and right click to select Remove.
  • Click Ok to save this change
  • *Please note, this will mean that for about 5 minutes while you re-add them your website will appear to have no testimonials.
  • Then click back onto the Testimonials page (from Website Page) and back on Items.
  • Add ALL the Testimonials in the order you want them to appear.
  • Click Ok to save.

To find out how to create a Testimonial refer to the PDF guide, Adding Testimonials to your website.


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