Creating an Applicant


Quickly creating an Applicant

If you want to quickly create an applicant you can select the Applicant option. This is on the Home screen of your Webdadi, on the left hand side under Quick Create.

By clicking on the Quick Create Applicant button it will take you directly to the New Applicant detail box:

  • Type in First Name
  • Type in Last Name
  • Make sure the Applicant box is checked on the right (Should be automatically done)
  • Type in Address if available
  • Type in Telephone number if available.
  • Type in Email address
  • Assign to office
  • Click on Next or the Applicant tab
  • Select the property criteria that the applicant is looking for
  • Check the areas the applicant is looking in
  • Check the box Applicant to receive automated emails if the applicant wants to receive notification emails.
  • Click on OK

Please Download these instructions