Providing Google Maps API for Webdadi


How to generate your unique Google Maps API to pass onto Webdadi

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to provide us with your key:

  • Go to this address:
  • Create Project (use the Dropdown Menu arrow in the top bar on the left, immediately to the right of the Google API's logo.)
  • You can name this project any name that you like that is easy enough to remember. Our recommendation is that you name it the same as your website name.
  • You should now be shown the Library list of Google APIs, with the library selected in the far left menu.
  • In the list of API's, Under Google Maps APIs, click Google Maps JavaScript API
  • Click Enable (at the top)
  • A warning may appear. To use this API you may need credentials. Click Create credentials to get started.
  • Click Create Credentials (far right button)
    Now you need to add your credentials to the project: Just follow the onscreen instructions here.
    Under 'Which API are you using?', choose the option Google Maps JavaScript API. (if not already selected)
  • If it asks 'Where will you be calling the API from', select Web Browser (Javascript).
  • Now click on the blue button, What Credentials Do I need?
    On the screen, Get your credentials will appear, with a corresponding API key below it. This is the key that you need to send to Webdadi. Copy and paste this key into an email.
  • Send the email to with this information and include in the header GOOGLE MAPS API – YOUR WEBSITE.
    Email us via this link.

For more detailed instructions with images, refer to the Helpdesk guide following, Providing Google Maps API for Webdadi.

To DELETE a Project in Google API's you need to use the right hand menu option (3 vertical dots) and select Project settings.

This will display your current Project name with a Delete option at the top. Follow the onscreen instructions.

Please Download these instructions