Property is not showing on the website


A list of reasons why a property might not be showing.

There are a few reasons as to why a property might not be appearing on the website. Check the following:

Ensure the property is not hidden: A hidden property will have a red no-entry sign icon next to it. To un-hide it, go into the property and uncheck the box “Hide from public website” at the bottom of Property Options.


Contains an invalid postcode: If the postcode of a property is incorrect this can stop a property from appearing. Double check the postcode is correct. If it is, delete it and re-enter it, then use the search property button on the right of it to make sure the address shows up.


The property may be deactivated: To check the status:

  • Click on Property
  • Click on Deactivated, next to the Find dropdown.
    Search for the property to see if it is there.
  • Right click on the property to amend the status from Deactivated to Active.

Please Download these instructions