Properties not appearing in the Valuation Report

For properties to show on a Valuation Report the valuation

In order to see a property in the Valuation Report, it must have been added in the Webdadi calendar via an appointment. To do this:

  • Log into Webdadi
  • Go to the Quick Create section on the left hand side and click on Property.
  • Search for the person you would like to add to the appointment. Search for the property you would like the appointment to be set against. Click Next.
  • Choose To Sell or To Rent.
  • Select correct status; example Valuation.
  • Check all details are correct, click Next.
  • Click Book. This will take you to the Calendar.
  • On the right hand side, choose the date you wish the appointment to take place.
  • Finally select the time you want the appointment to take place by double clicking on the time.

You have successfully added the appointment and this will show in your calendar.


When Valuations have passed these will be shown in Appointments to follow up, found on your Home page. Also these valuations will be viewable in the Valuation Report - Top blue menu, under Reports.

Please Download these instructions

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