Problem saving login details


Granting access to Webdadi application

One reason why a user's login details won't save, is because the user's rights may have been disabled.  Your Webdadi super user will need to activate these.

Your super user should follow the steps below to grant Webdadi User Rights:

  • Log into Webdadi
  • Click on Contacts from the left hand menu.
  • Select Search. Once the correct person has been located, double click on the correct person.
  • Please go to the Contact section.
  • Please choose Internal Staff.
  • Click onto the Additional tab, and choose the user you wish to give user rights to, or click Add
  • Please select a branch for the user account, if your business has more than one.
  • If you woud like the user to be able to access other branches in your Webdadi database, please tick any Associated Offices.
  • You will find a section called login details in the Additional tab.  Select Active to add a password to the user account.
  • Enter a temporary password for the user, and then confirm it in the field below. The user will be prompted to change their password upon login.
  • Now click on the Webdadi User Rights link, which is to the right of the password information.
  • A Webdadi User Rights pop up box will appear with a series of options for user access.  You can tailor your users access rights according to what you do or do not want them to access.
  • Click Ok once you have selected the Webdadi User Rights.  The information will then take a few minutes to send, so please be patient.
  • Then click Ok to close the Contact record.

Your user account will now be active and the login details should save.

Please Download these instructions