Problem with the iDiary icalendar on my iPhone


How to resolve the problems with the Webdadi iDiary iCalendar on your iPhone

Due to a bug on the iPhone iOS 4, certainly on iOS 4.1 at the time of this article, there is a problem with the username and password not saving.


Have you changed your Webdadi access password recently?


Even if your password works in Webdadi it will also need changing on your iDiary iPhone subscribed calendar settings.


The simplest thing to do is delete your subscribed calendar account and start over.

Frist Make sure you are definitely using the same username and password as you login to Webdadi.


If you login OK to webdadi.

Then goto the iPhone Settings,

Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendar

Tap the subscribed calendar that is Webdadi's

Now delete the account using the red button at the bottom of this account screen

Now use the FAQ here to add your calendar once again to the iPhone. Search our FAQ area with the keyword "iphone" and you will see the article listed how to do this.


Just make sure when saving the new calendar account settings after adding your username and password and it giving you an error message. Keep Pressing Save until the window closes.


There is some problem at the moment with the iPhone iOS 4 storing usernames and passwords for a server that has no trusted SSL security certificate, this is not a fault in Webdadi we can assure you.


Please Download these instructions