Options are missing when right clicking in Webdadi


How to add new options

When a function that should be available in the right click menu options, is not, then it is typically Webdadi User Rights' related. In these circumstances contact your office Super User initially and have them check your User Rights access. Below outlines what the Super User will need to do.


The Super User for the Estate Agency will:

  • Go to Contacts via the blue menu on the left
  • Search for the employee
  • Double click to open the contact, then click on the Additional tab
  • About two thirds of the way down in the Login Details section, right click and select Webdadi User Rights. This will take a few seconds to load (and more when you save any changes).
  • Scroll through the staff member's access and make any changes to their access as required by ticking the relevant boxes to add additional access.
  • Select Ok to save. Wait for a few seconds for the changes to save.

Should there be a problem after this they would be required to contact Webdadi and raising a support case.

Please Download these instructions