My webdadi account is disabled


The user is unable to log into their Webdadi account as the account is showing as disabled.

When trying to log in to Webdadi a message may appear saying that your account has been disabled. To resolve this request your super user will need to check your account is active and that your User Right are correctly assigned to your username (email).


The super user will need to do the following:

  • Go to the Contacts menu within Webadi on the left hand side
  • Search for the internal staff member they wish to change the access for. Double click on this contact to open it
  • Go to the Additional tab
  • Check which offices your contact is assigned to. Add ticks to those offices that they should have access to
  • Once the right offices have been selected, click Ok to save the changes
  • Double click on the same contact and go back into the user and click on the Additional tab again.
  • Check that the Active box is ticked.
  • Reset the password underneath this active tick box and let the user know the username (their email address) and the password you have just added.

For further information for the super user, they can refer to the following Help Desk Guide, Adding a new user account.

Please Download these instructions