Marketing in Webdadi to send properties to contacts


How to use the marketing elements of Webdadi to send targeted emails to registered contacts

There are many options available within Webdadi for sending emails and notifications to your database about properties available for sale or to let. Here are some options:

  • Sending a HTML email:
    • CRITERIA: A number of properties to a number of applicants
    WHAT THIS FUNCTIONALITY DOES: It allows you to select multiple applicants and send them a number of properties all at once, as an email.

  • Log into Webdadi
  • Go to Property from the left hand bar
  • Select Search within properties
  • Now highlight the properties that you wish to include on your email mailing list.
  • Once selected, click on Contacts from the far left hand menu and find the contacts (applicants) to whom you would like to send this mailout to. You can include yourself if you would like to receive a copy as well.
  • To select a whole page of names, right click on any of the contacts on the page and select Select All.
  • Click back on Property from the left hand menu. There should be a number of properties still highlighted in blue.
  • Right click on one of those highlighted properties and then select Marketing properties. Then click to Market to selected contacts. Then click to HTML Email.
  • It will prompt you to check the names it is about to send it to. Click Yes to continue.

    Quick Match - Marketing a single property:
    • CRITERIA: Selecting % price range to the property of interest
    WHAT THIS FUNCTIONALITY DOES: It allows you to select the applicants you wish to target based on the percentage around the full cost of the property for sale/rent.

  • Log into Webdadi
  • Go to Property from the left hand bar
  • Select Search within properties and highlight the single property you wish to send out.
  • Once selected, right click and select Marketing Options. Then select Matching applicants, and Quick Match.
  • The system will ask you to select the price point (from 0% to 100%) around the value of the property that you would like to filter your applicants down to. At this point you are only selecting the list, not actually emailing them. Choose a value for Fringe Matching, for example 20%. Select Search.
  • The system will now show up all those applicants that match your search. 
  • The system will automatically bring the Webdadi user to the Contacts page where it will display all matching applicants based on that criteria (20% in the example).
  • From here you can manually decide which client you would like to send the property to – press Ctrl to select multiple contacts one at a time. Or you can right click on one of the Contacts and press Select All.
  • Right click and select Marketing Options, then Market selected properties and then HTML email. This will send an email out to those contacts about the single property of interest.

For a selection of the options available within Webdadi for marketing to your database, please refer to the Help Guide below, Marketing Properties.


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