Managing Appointments


How to create a valuation and how to follow it up.

  • In your Webdadi, go to the Quick Create section on the left hand side, click on Property
  • Fully enter the details, and then click Next
  • Choose To Sell or To Rent
  • Select the correct status, for example, in this instance you would select Valuation
  • Check all details are correct, click Next
  • Click Book, this will take you to the Calendar
  • On the right hand side, choose the date you wish the appointment to take place
  • Then choose the time you want the appointment to take place by double clicking on the time
  • You have successfully added the appointment and this will show in your calendar
  • Whatever Valuations have passed will be shown in Appointments to follow up' found on your Home page

This property, if added, will not automatically appear on your website as it will initially have Bedrooms, Receptions and Bathrooms marked as hidden. If you'd like this property to show on the website, go into Property, search for the property, and change those details. You can also add images and other information while in this section.

Please Download these instructions