Keeping your digital display running


Maintaining your digital screens

When you choose to play the digital display on your selected screen, your template will be cached from the server that holds your property data and images (meaning that the template will be stored on your local machine for speed and consistency purposes, in case your internet connection has problems). This will ensure that your digital display is consistent regardless of internet problems that you may be experiencing.
The caching process could take up to a couple of minutes, during which you will see a white screen. 

To stop the digital display from running:

  • Move the mouse onto the screen and right click anywhere on the screen. Select the stop option. Select this to stop the display.
  • Alternatively select Esc to move the computer screen out of the automatic Digital Display mode.

To set up your Digital Display, please refer to this help guide - How to Setup a Digital Display Slideshow.


Please Download these instructions

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