I'm unable to login to webdadi for the first time


Cannot Access Webdadi

When trying to login to Webdadi for the very first time please make sure of the following to ensure you can log in correctly:

  • Make sure you are using the correct login and password - these will have been emailed to you by the Webdadi trainer.
  • The second thing that you must do is ensure you have Setup my Webdadi.
  • Finally, please ensure you are trying to login using Internet Explorer (and not Edge, Chrome, Firefox or Safari).

If you have the correct username and password but are still experiencing difficulties, request that your super user check your user rights to make sure that the option to grant you webdadi access has been ticked.


Also check that the email address that was entered into your Contact details is correct.

If everything is correct and you are still unable to login, ask your super user to change your password and try again.

If you experience any further problems, please contact Webdadi at helpdesk@webdadi.com


Please Download these instructions