How to give your staff Webdadi access


How to give your staff Webdadi access and passwords - to be done by the Super User.

Webdadi allows you to have an unlimited number of Internal Staff membersor Webdadi users per office. You will need to setup and remove accounts as and when staff start and depart from your Estate Agency.


To add a staff member to Webdadi, firstly you'll need to create a new contact (just like you would for an Applicant).

  • Log into Webdadi
  • Click on Contacts from the left menu in blue.
  • On the right, click on Add to add a new contact.
  • Add the Title, First Name and Last Name
  • Tick if the contact is an Applicant or Internal Staff member (you can select both if they are internal) 
  • Select an office for the person to be assigned to (it doesn’t matter if they are assigned to all offices but they MUST be assigned to at least one).
  • Ensure you include an email address as this is the unique identifier for each contact in your Webdadi system.
  • Select the Additional tab at the top of the contact box.
  • Two thirds of the way down in the Login Details section, select Active. Now type in a generic password for the user.  They can change this when they log in for the first time.
  • Click Apply to save the password changes you have made.
  • Now the Super User will need to assign their Webdadi User Rights. This is also on the Additional tab.

    Changing the staff member's Webdadi User Rights:
  • While in the specific Contact, click onto the Additional tab.
  • Look for the blue hyperlinked Webdadi User Rights and click on this
  • Click on the boxes for any access the staff member should be given
  • Select Ok to save
  • NOTE: For a full list of Webdadi User Rights for your staff, please contact the Webdadi helpdesk.

Your new user account will now be active.  You can provide your new user with their username (their email address) and their temporary password.


Please only contact Webdadi to assist with setting up new users if it is an emergency.



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