How to find and export registered Contacts

If you don't have a big Contact list and they all fit on the one page, you can export this list quite simply by searching and downloading from the Contacts page. To do this:

  • Click on Contacts
  • Select Search
  • Go to the last column and click on this to sort contacts by Owner. To do this click on the word Owner and it will then sort by that column.
  • Highlight all the contacts that don't have an owner. These are the contacts who have registered via your website. To highlight a number of them, click on the first one, then use the shift key and highlight the list to the end.
  • Once your contacts are highlighted in blue, right click and select Media Options and Create Mailing List.
  • This will bring up a pop up Excel spreadsheet with a full list of your registered clients from that page. The popup will say 'Do you want to open or save contact_list.csv.' Select Open.
    NOTE: this option is good if you only have a page of Contacts who have registered. For multiple pages of Contacts, the Advanced option is better.

If you look at your Contacts, select search and find that it is a number of pages in length, using the Advanced Search option will be an easier method to gather all of your contact information and export it. Refer to this Advanced Search guide on how to do this.

Please Download these instructions