How to email chosen properties to selected customers


Email chosen properties to selected customers

How to email chosen properties to selected customers:

  • Click on Property and select the property that you are interested in. Or select multiple properties by holding down the ctrl button and selecting the properties.
  • Then select Contacts from the left menu in blue, and search for your contacts that you wish to send the email to. Select the applicant that you are interested in emailing, or if there are more than one contacts, hold down the ctrl button and highlight several contacts.
  • Right click on one of the highlighted contacts and choose Marketing Options, then Market selected Properties and then HTML email.
  • A popup box will appear called Send Property emails. The name of the property(s) will be included in the popup.
  • Enter any text that you wish to be included in your property email to your customers.
  • Select Yes to send the email.

If you would prefer to see the names of those who you are sending the email to (to check you have them right), you can do this by selecting your contacts and properties the opposite way around:

  • Select Contacts from the menu on the left in blue. Search for the contact(s) in Webdadi that you wish to email. Again use the ctrl button to highlight multiple contacts.
  • Now click on Property, from the left menu in blue.
  • Select Marketing Options, then Market to Selected Contacts, then HTML email.
  • A box titled Market properties by html email will appear. The contacts you will be sending the HTML email to will appear as a list in the box below. Add any comment you might want to include on the HTML email.
  • Then select Yes to send the email.

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