How to create a printable property brochure using Media Maker


Generating brochures using Media Maker in Webdadi - this feature is only enabled for customers who previously had it. This feature is not currently offered.

Media Maker allows you to generate a brochure for a property straight from Webdadi, provided you have the marketing version of Webdadi.


Firstly you need to install Media Maker:

  • Log into Webdadi, select Property from the left hand menu, and then select Search and search through your properties. Click on one of these properties, right click and choose Media Options, then Media Maker, then Manage Templates.
  • When a popup appears you will have an option to select Install Media Maker. Click on this and follow the instructions to download it, by clicking on Run, and then following the installation steps.

Now you can use Media Maker to generate property letters/brochures:

  • Click on Property again from the left hand menu.
  • Search to find a property and click on it. Right click on the property and select Media Options, then Media Maker, then Generate Template.
  • Select the template <Template_Name> you would like to use. If you've never made one, select Add and refer to the instructions for generating templates (not contained in these instructions).
  • Allow up to 20 seconds for Microsoft Word to load up.
  • Once the document has loaded, click on Media Maker in the top left corner (Office 2003) or look for tab called Add-Ons (Office 2007 onwards).
  • Select Download and Embedded Media. This will automatically populate your letter/brochure with any content including pictures/address details (anything that was included when the template was created) from the individual property that you searched for.
  • Edit text according to company specifications.
  • Click on Media Maker in the top left corner (Office 2003) or look for tab called Add-Ons (Office 2007).
  • Now Save your letter or select Print. Choose to save as a PDF. This PDF can also be attached to your property in Webdadi, and made available on that individual property page.

To add the new PDF to your property page (on your live website):

  • Go to Property from the left hand menu in Webdadi.
  • Search for the property you wish to add your new PDF brochure to. Double click on the property to open it.
  • Go to the Media tab and select Browse. Located the PDF you just created via Media Maker and select Ok.
  • Now highlight the PDF by clicking on it once so it is in blue. Right click on the PDF and select status, then Approved, on web.
  • Now click in the space to the right, beside the PDF. Type in a name for the document (this will appear on the website).
  • Click OK or Apply.
  • View property on the website, and it will now have a PDF on the property page that the viewer can click on, look at and save.

For more information on using this service, refer to the PDF Guide below called Marketing with Media Maker.



Please Download these instructions