How to create a newsletter


Creating and sending email newsletters for your clients and audience

You will only be able to do this if the newsletter feature has been enabled. If you would like to have this feature and don't currently have it, you can contact your Account Manager to discuss adding a Newsletter.


If you have newsletters enabled, you can create and send emails to your clients with your estate agency's news, as well as recent blog posts and featured properties.


Please see the guide below on how to create a Webdadi newsletter or download the PDF below these instructions:  

  • Login into Webdadi
  • Click on Configuration, in the left menu bar 
  • In the drop down list, choose, Property News letter and click List.
  • Click Add to create a new newsletter
  • Within the Details tab, fill out each field. The Summary relates to the name of the newsletter, and is for internal reference e.g. September Newsletter.
  • Under the Content section fill out the information you would like to be included at the top of your email newsletter. This might be an introduction, or some information about your estate agency and what has been happening recently. Also you can us the bold button (B), underline (U), italics (I), or create URLs from the icons which are shown above this section.
  • The Month Header box can be used to include the name of the published newsletter e.g. Have a good autumn with Webdadi, or the actual month, e.g. June.
  • In Quote, you can select a suitable quote and add it here, and also include the Quote Author in the next field. This can also be used for a testimonial instead, e.g. "We received incredible support from the estate agents and wouldn't hesitate to use them again". Quote Author: Webdadi customer.
  • Tick the Visible check box, shown in the bottom right corner.

Adding featured news:

  • Click on the Featured News tab. This is where you can include interesting news articles from your current blog/news. 
  • A new popup box will appear called WebsitePageItem. Click onto WebsitePageItem and select News from the dropdown. Select List to view all news articles. Once you have selected the news item you wish to add, click on it to highlight it and click Ok
  • Then click Ok again to close the next window and save these changes.  

    Adding new property listings:
  • Click on the New Listings tab. This is where you can add Featured Properties to your email newsletter.
  • To add a new featured property, click on Add
  • A new popup window will appear, where you can search for your desired property to be shown as a Featured Property. Click Search
  • Once you have searched for the property and located the property you wish to add, highlight it and click Ok.
  • The property will now be included in the New Listings list. Repeat this to add more properties to the newsletter. 
  • The Featured Properties can be moved up and down by using the buttons Move up, Move down located on the top right corner.

    To view a preview of the newsletter:
  • Highlight the newsletter you wish to view. Right click on the Newsletter, and select Preview. This allows you to see the full email view of your newsletter.

    To send your e-newsletter to contacts
  • Firstly go to Contacts.
  • Select Search
  • Right click on the Newsletter you wish to send and click on Email to
  • There are two options: Selected contacts or Criteria of contacts. Follow the instructions below to send accordingly (SELECTED CONTACTS / CRITERIA OF CONTACTS).
  • Once you have chosen how you wish to send to your contacts go back to Configuration, select Property News Letter, and select List.
  • Find the new newsletter you have created and wish to send. Click on it to highlight it. Right click and select Email to, then Selected Contacts. A popup will appear listing the names you wish to send to.
  • Select Yes to send it.

1. SELECTED CONTACTS: Selected contacts allows you to go to Contacts (blue menu on the left) and select the specific contacts you would like to send your newsletter to.  To do this:

  • Go to Contacts
  • Highlight the contacts you wish to send it to.
  • Use the Ctrl button to select individuals. Or use the Shift button to highlight multiple in a row. You have now selected the contacts you will send your newsletter to.

2. CRITERIA OF CONTACTS: This will open a new window where you an choose a selection of contacts you want to send that newsletter to based on criteria similar to an Advanced Search. To do this:

  • Using the dropdowns you can choose to send it based on the type of client, the branch, who owns the applicant, type etc. 
  • Note: The most important criteria is that once you have made your selection, you must go to Options, scroll down to Newsletter Required box and tick this box. This will then send it to any contacts (based on your search criteria) who have said yes to receiving your newsletter.    
    Also, if you wish to send the newsletter to all contacts, choose the Type as Any.
  • After making your selection of contacts, click Search. Another small window will appear containing the names of the contacts you have generated.  
  • Select Yes to continue. A notification will pop up to say that the email will be sent shortly. It is a good idea to include yourself on the newsletter so you know it has been received.

For more instructions on creating newsletters download the following PDF guide called Newsletters in Webdadi.


Please Download these instructions