How to change a title of a website page on your Webdadi website


Amending website pages in CMS

From time to time you may want to change the Title on a website page, i.e. the H1 header. For example you may want to change a title of a page (Meet the Team, or New page)

  • To do so click on Configuration from the left menu in blue
  • Select Website Page from the drop down menu and select List
  • Double click on the website page that you wish to amend.
  • Leave the Summary wording as it currently appears in Webdadi.
  • In the Title section, highlight the Title and make the necessary amendments. This is the Title that appears at the top of your page.
  • Select OK to save.
  • Once  completed, refresh your live website (press F5 to do this) and the website page should be automatically updated to reflect the title change.

Please Download these instructions