How to book a viewing


This shows you how to book a viewing for a property in Webdadi

  • On the front screen of Webdadi near the top is an option Arrange Viewing. Click on Arrange Viewing.
  • Once the pop up appears you will need to find the contact for the viewing.
  • Next to the Contacts box there is an image of a person with a magnifying glass. Click on the image to search for a contact. Highlight the contact you wish to add to the viewing.
  • Select OK to confirm they will be added to the appointment.
  • Now click on the image of a house. This should be directly below the contact image. Highlight the relevant property by clicking on it, and click OK.
  • Select Next.
  • Select Book. The calendar will automatically open.
  • Select the date of the appointment from the top right corner
  • Behind the popup, the calendar for that day will be showing with timeslots. Double click on a specific time slot from the times available.
  • This will then save the appointment and a pop up will confirm the appointment has been made.

NOTE: you will also receive a notice confirming the appointment has been booked.


Please Download these instructions