How to amend user logins so staff can amend properties for different offices


Editing properties and ensure the staff member has access

Often when internal staff members are given Webdadi logins, they will have access to one or two offices initially so they are only able to update the properties relating to the branches they are associated with. To change this access and give a member of staff access to all offices, you can do the following: 

  • Click on Contacts from the left menu in blue. 
  • Search for the staff member. NOTE: For a quicker search, search by Internal Staff, from the dropdown list (three across from the left dropdown options).
  • Once the staff member is located double click on them to open up the contact details.
  • Select the Additional tab at the top of the contact box.
  • Find the section with the heading of Associated Offices.
  • Click any offices that the staff member should have access to.
  • Once all relevant offices are selected click Ok at the bottom.
  • For the change to make effect close all Internet Explorer windows and log back in to Webdadi.

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