Floor plan is not showing up on the website


Floor plan is not visible

If the floor plan is not appearing on the website, it is down to two reasons:

  • The floor plan has been uploaded as a JPG rather than a GIF
  • The floor plan has been uploaded as a PDF and not converted to be Approved, on web.

Adding the Floor plan as a gif:

If the floor plan is not showing on its own floor plan tab, or on the property page at all, these are the steps to get it on your website:

  • From the left hand menu select Property
  • Search for the relevant property
  • Double click or right click and select Modify
  • Click on the Media tab
  • Click on Browse and find the floor plan you would like to upload. The floor plan file must be in gif format.
  • Select Ok to save the change.

Adding a floor plan as a PDF:

  • If you would like to add the floor plan as a PDF instead, then go into the Media tab and add the PDF document instead. Once the PDF icon appears with the other media, highlight it, right click and select Status. Then select Approved, on web.
  • After a few minutes the PDF will now appear as it's on tab on the property page. 

Please Download these instructions