Finding relevant properties via your contacts

Marking properties

When finding relevant properties using a contact, follow the instructions below:
Right click on the contact.
Select Marketing Options
Select Matching Properties

Select Quick Match.


To find relevant properties via your contacts, one option is to use the Matching Applicants to property option. 

To Match applicants, follow this process:

Find the contacts you wish to market properties to
Click on the property and select Marketing Options
Then right click on Matching Applicants
Finally select Quick Match
The system will now ask you what percentage you would like to match to. This is asking if you want contacts who are within 0% through to 100% of the property price. You can also search by properties that are owned by a specific person within your business.
Choose the percentage (for example 20%) and select Search.
The system will bring up all of these users that are within this percentage bracket.
Now right click and select Select All
Right click again once all the contacts are highlight and select Marketing Options, Market selected properties and then either HTML email or MAIL out.
The other option is to right click and select Marketing Options, Send to contact, then choose either Email, SMS or MAIL out.
Each type of marketing option offers a different way to communicate with your clients:

HTML email: This will send a HTML coded email to those contacts that includes picture links of the property and information about it. When the user clicks on the image it will go back to your website.
Email: When you select email it will open your email and send an email to all of your
SMS: If your company has text credit, here you can send an SMS to those applicable contacts who matched the property
MAIL out: If you have templates for properties you can open Word via MAIL out and create your bespoke letter about the property. This can then be saved as a PDF to send to your clients.

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