Exporting a Mailing list to an Excel Document


How to print out a list of contacts that have registered on the website (or Vendors/Users/Agents if you've added them yourself)

When exporting a mailing list to an excel document (as a CSV file), follow the instructions below:

  • Search for relevant contacts using Advanced Search
  • Select relevant contacts by holding down CTRL or SHIFT and left clicking on the contacts
  • Right click on one of the contacts
  • Select Media Options
  • Create Mailing List

Alternatively you can export a full list via Advanced Search as well. This is particularly useful if you want a complete list of Contacts who have registered on your website via the Register button.

  • Select Advanced Search in the top right 
  • Pick the Type of Contact you would like to collate.
  • In the bottom left corner, next to Export, select Address Details + Applicant Information.
  • Now click on Export.
  • A popup will appear as a CSV file called contact_list and contain a full list of all of these contacts in CSV format (which can be saved to Microsoft Excel, or uploaded to another system).

And finally, if your list is smaller, you may wish to simply search the Contacts page instead.

  • Click on Contacts
  • Select Search
  • Go to the last column and click on this to sort contacts by Owner.
  • Highlight all the contacts that don't have an owner. These contacts have registered via your website.
  • To highlight a number of them, click on the first one, then use the shift key and highlight the list to the end.
  • Now once your contacts are highlighted in blue, right click and select Media Options and Create Mailing List.
  • This will bring up a pop up Excel spreadsheet with a full list of your registered clients from that page.
  • NOTE: this option is good if you only have a page of Contacts who have registered. For multiple pages of Contacts, the Advanced option (noted above) is better.


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