EPC is not showing up on the website


The energy graph has been uploaded but is not appearing on website.

  • To add any EPC to your property so it shows up in the EPC tab on your individual property, you need to ensure that the file is in PNG format. Go to the Media tab for your individual property. Select Browse, and upload your png file.
  • Then click Ok.
  • After a moments your EPC file will appear on the live page for that property under the EPC tab.
  • NOTE: If you upload a file as a jpg, it will appear within the photos on the page, not the EPC tab.

For more information on EPCs please refer to the PDF guide below, Adding an EPC to a property. Or alternatively if you'd like to use our free Image Manipulation tool on our website to change your image to a PNG, you can find it here: Image Manipulation.


NOTE: Datography now offer EPCs. For more info, see their website.


Please Download these instructions

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