Creating a hyperlink for a URL


Create hyperlinks in Webdadi on your website pages or within your blog posts

When entering text in Webdadi for any form of content for your website, you may want some of it to send our clients to a specific website when clicked. To do this follow these steps:

  • Highlight the part of the text you want your clients to click on to access the URL
  • Click the URL button at the top (below the Keyword box)
  • Find the URL you'd like to enter and paste it into Notepad to remove any formatting. Now copy from Notepad.
  • Go back to Webdadi and click into the URL box. Press Ctrl Paste to enter the URL. You must include http:// when you type in the URL in order for it to work.
  • Click OK to close the URL box and save this change. The text should now be hyperlinked.
  • When all changes are complete select OK.

This link should then show up on your website as a hyperlink and will be available to select.


If you'd like this new URL to open on a new page, see these further Help Desk instructions on how to do this.


And if you'd like to add a PDF that opens on a new page instead of a URL, then follow these Help Desk instructions on adding PDFs.


Note: You can not add hyperlinks to your Geographical Areas pages or Office pages. These are not formatted for URLs.


Please Download these instructions