Managing tasks


Creating tasks in Webdadi that can have priority settings and reminders

To add a task click on Tasks on the left hand side. Once loaded, click on Add near the top right. A new popup will appear.


Complete the relevant areas including:

  • Summary: What this task is about
  • Due Date: Click on the right of this box to select the date for this task to be completed
  • Start Date: Click on the right of this box to bring up a calendar and note your start date
  • Status: Choose the status for the current task, example In Progress
  • Priority: Classify the task by priority
  • Reminder: If you would like to receive a reminder for the project, click the date for your reminder

Once all of the necessary fields have been completed click OK. When you click on Tasks from the menu bar on the left, you will see the list of tasks outstanding.

Filtering tasks
Tasks can be filtered or sorted based on:

  • The importance that you have allocated to the task
  • The status of the task, and/or
  • The owner of the task

Each task is colour coded depending on its urgency.


Please Download these instructions