How to create a desktop shortcut for logging into Webdadi


Quick access to Webdadi

For Windows Machines with Vista or Windows 7, all you need to do is :

  • Launch Internet Explorer as usual
  • Go to your Webdadi login page normally accessed by typing your [company name] or your domain name/v5
  • Once the login screen loads and displays fine, go to the URL address bar area in Internet Explorer and select it by double clicking. if it does not highlight the URL then move your mouse up to the URL bar and highlight the entire web address.
  • Press ctrl C to copy it
  • Go to your desktop and right click it
  • Select New
  • Select Shortcut
  • In the location bar press CTRL V to paste the web address
  • Press Next
  • Give your Shortcut a name like Webdadi by right clicking it and choosing Rename
  • Click Finish and the shortcut will be on your Desktop. Make sure Internet Explorer is your default browser
  • Now launch it by double clicking on the new shortcut on your desktop

Please Download these instructions