Converting a PDF to a jpg


How to change a PDF into a jpg so you can upload it into Webdadi

If you have a PDF that you can't upload to Webdadi, you can convert it easily using tools provided on your PC.

  • Firstly open your PDF document and make it fill the screen. It needs to allow the whole image to appear on the computer screen.
  • Go down to your toolbar on your computer and find Snipping Tool. If you don’t have this tool, another option might be to use the PrtScn button on your keyboard.
  • Once Snipping Tool opens, select New.
  • A cross will appear. Drag that cross to highlight the area of the PDF that you wish to be part of the new image. Once you release the arrow it will take a picture of that highlighted section.
  • Now select Save As, and save the file. It should be a jpg.
  • NOTE: If you use the PrtScn button instead, it will actually take an image of the whole computer screen so you would need to crop the image to fit what you needed in that picture. You could press PrtScn then open Microsoft PowerPoint, open a new presentation and select Ctrl V to paste the image of your screen. Now crop the area you wish you use. Once cropped, right click and select save as image. This should save it as a jpeg.

For more information, see the following Help Desk guide, Saving a PDF as a jpg.

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