Content management basic functions


How to use basic functions to add formatting to posts, news, About pages and more, as well as creating links to external sites

Here are some basic functions you can do within the Webdadi CMS. These codes and font amendments (e.g. Bold) will be able to be used on:

1. Website pages

2. Within blog posts

3. For content on the home page


To change the size or format of the font, you can use the font options shown below Keywords. When you are editing the content of the page, highlight the text you want to change and then click on one of the following buttons:

B = Bold
I = Italics
U = Underlines the text
URL = Create a link to another internet page (Explained below)
Drop Down Box with the number 7 = Change the size of the font
Unformat = Remove all formatting to the text

Creating links on your website:
You can add URLs to create links to other pages or to email addresses. By adding a link in the content it will automatically appear on the website as a link, however you are able to hide it behind the text if you would prefer.


To hide a URL behind the text, you simply select the text you want to use instead, and then create the link within those words. Example: here is a link.


To create a link to another website (or your own website):

  • Open the Website Page you wish to amend
  • Highlight the content or words you wish to become a link
  • Paste it into Notepad. Now copy that URL from Notepad (This removes any associated formatting with that link)
  • Click on the URL button
  • Make sure your hyperlink contains http://
  • For the URL that you type in, you can use another page on your own website that you would like to link to. For example you could link to; Or to an external website, for example you could link to; or you can add an email address that will open their email client up to send a new email to you - Change the type to ‘mailto:’ and the full piece will be mailto: in the URL field

Note: Not all users will have access to this section. Please contact your account administrator if you cannot make these changes.

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