Changing the way the search screens look and what you can search for


Customise your Webdadi to suit the search that you want to make

You can change the way the search screen looks by changing the views. This will allow you to access different columns:

  • From the top menu option, select Views
  • There are different types of views available to you for Property, Contacts, and Calendar from this menu. E.g. if you wish to find a contact by the date they were last contacted, you can select the Contacts option, then select Call out. Contacts will then be listed by Last contacted.
  • Check all views for the way you wish to sort your contacts or property.

Note. Once you have found the relevant view that you were looking for, if you wish, you can select Save current views below the three view options to save your new view permanently. This way it will be saved on your computer.


Please Download these instructions

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