How to change the contents on a website page


If you need to amend an existing Website Page to add new information or images, this is a guide on how to do that.

You may want to update content on your website, for example, a About page or a More Information page, or even the Tenancy Fees.

You can do this by finding the name of the Website Page you would like to amend, and then finding it in Configuration. 

  • Firstly you need to find the website page you wish to amend.
    Go to your live website and find the page you wish to update. For example:
  • The name of this page, within Webdadi, will be called services. This is because the Webdadi system only takes notice of the last section of the URL after the main website name (which typically ends in .com or 
  • Log into Webdadi and click Configuration from the left-hand menu
  • Click the drop down menu (beside Manage – pictured below) and select Website Page and press List.
  • Look for the Website page with the correct name, in this example, services.
  • Double click on it to open the Website Page. Amend as appropriate:
  • SUMMARY: Don't amend the summary or you will change the Website Page name and affect the menu.
  • TITLE: Change this H1 header if you wish. This will appear at the top of the page. 
  • CONTENTS: In the content section, you can amend the wording that appears on the page.

    Adding pictures to the page:
  • If you would like to add an image to the top of the page, this is also possible. Click on the Media tab from within the same Website Page.
  • Select Browse and locate the image you would like to add.
  • Select Open. This will add the image within the box.
  • Select OK to save.
    When you refresh this page on your website, this image will now be visible at the top.

    Adding external website links to your website page:
  • If you would like to an external link within the copy on the page, you can do this also. Find the external website that you wish to link from your site. Copy that website link (Control C).
  • Paste that website link (Control V) into Notepad. This will remove any formatting that is associated with that link.
  • Go back into Webdadi, and into the page you are amending. Click on Contents to expand the information contained in this section. Highlight the text within the Contents that you would like the link to refer to. Click on the URL button.
  • Now paste, in the URL section, the external website and press Ok.

For more information on amending your existing Website pages, see the below PDF guide, Changing content on a Website Page.


To add a brand new Website Page, see this help guide: Adding a new website page.


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