Certain browsers are loading Webdadi incorrectly

What to do when Webdadi will not load correctly in the browser


Check to see which browser you are using. Webdadi will only work when using Internet Explorer (IE) on a PC or, a MAC that has the PC option enabled. Safari or Firefox will not work with the Webdadi software.

If your Webdadi has not been set up correctly, this will also cause Webdadi to not work in the browser. To set up Webdadi, follow these instructions:
1. To access Webdadi, log onto your unique URL, similar to http://yourestateagency.webdadi.net/v5
2. You should see a grey login screen. Click on Setup my Webdadi above the username box.
3. Click Run.
4. Click Yes.
5. Click Ok. This adds Webdadi as a trusted web site and enables all features to function correctly.
6. Close Internet Explorer (all windows) and then restart it again. Go back to the Webdadi log in screen and add your access details - which will be your email address and password. You can click Remember me at this point so you don’t ever need to type in your password again.

Please Download these instructions

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