Accessing information about your website views

How to view users accessing your website, and how to track other information about views

It is not possible to see which individuals have clicked various properties, or which individuals have looked at different pages, on your live estate agency site (powered by Webdadi).

However, if a user has clicked on the Register page, and registered their details (provided they remain logged in) and make changes to their property preferences, these will be kept within the Notes section for that particular applicant within Webdadi.

Google Analytics is installed on all Webdadi sites so that general website views, demographics, and other information about your audience can be reviewed. More information on Google Analytics and how to understand your analytics pages, can be found on the Google Analytics site.


If you don't currently have access to your Google Analytics account, contact your account manager and they can arrange for your email to be added so you can access this information.


Google Analytics allows you to see your customers behaviour, the demographic for who accesses your website, how they find it, how long they spend on the website, key words they use and more.

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